The Solutions Provider

Memphis, TN 38117





The Solutions Provider is your one stop for service of process in the Memphis Metropolitan area.  Utilizing up-to-date technology insuring that all attempts of service are completed according to all local and state guidelines.   This technology enables you, the client, to have all GPS settings of each attempt/serve/non-serve along with photograph evidence providing date and time of  each attempt/serve which has been done.

 We are available for your private process service needs in the following counties:

  • Shelby, TN
  • Tipton, TN
  • Lauderdale, TN
  • Haywood, TN
  • Fayette, TN
  • Hardeman, TN
  • Desoto, MS
  • Panola, MS
  • Tate, MS
  • Quitman, MS
  • Tunica, MS
  • Marshall, MS
  • Coahoma, MS

 We follow all of the city, county and state guidelines and statutes to insure that the service of process is done correctly, accurately, legally and accepted by all of the courts.

 We offer service of process for all courts for individuals and/or businesses.  Same day service is available,  along with offering rush service (first attempt within 24 hours of receipt of paperwork).